Monday, November 5, 2012

SEO Tip: Images

While I am not more time a web designer, I still sensed like publishing this old set up when I was operating on listing images:

Images are an essential item of material that go into any web page and help You have the relevance for that material and your search conditions.  So it’s essential that you publish these pictures to your site effectively.  Here are a few things you can do to improve search relevance for your domain:

1. Place a several images on your webpage and keep in mind to use “alt” & “title” features in your <img> tag.

2. The information file name for the picture should also contain your key phrase.

3. Cover this picture with an core anchor link also containing identical “alt” & “title” labels.  Be cautious not to over use your key terms; instead use associative search phrases.  If you do not want guests to adhere to this core, you can cover the weblink by modifying the rabbit button pointer qualities with a css-style, but putting no-follow qualities indicates google-bot will not spider it.

4. Use an manager like Photoshop, Aperature, or Lightroom to alter the image’s EXIF information.  Here you can add search phrases, place information, writer, and trademark.

I’m not sure if this is accidental or not, but I observed while getting [several thousand] pictures to catalog in Search engines, all my bigger pictures came first and the tiniest ones were last.  Does Search engines believe dimension matters?  Let me know what you find with your tests.

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